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If you're here for
Gilly&Keeves Season 2,
I have one question to ask you:



Are you illiterate or retarded?
That being said, we also have a podcast that you could listen to after you watch the G&K Special.
Check out the rest of this website.

There's a Matt. There's a Shane.
We're in the tristate area (Jersey).
Shane is kind of a stoner with a WOC wife and kid. He studied philosophy. 
Matt used to play football in highschool (left tackle, not some pussy pulling guard) and is a fan of an Indiana sports team (Colts).
No, we're not Single White Femaling Matt and Shane.
It's just a very odd coincidence.



Are you a member of the Gilly&Keeves production team?

Why didn't you buy the domain name before releasing the show?
I bought this a week after the first episode came out. Any of these shit kickers could have bought it and forwarded it to Stormfront or an HIV acceptance subreddit. Come on guys, use your brains. That being said, I'll gladly give it back to you for the price I paid to keep the name active. Which is like less than $50.
But we're almost at two years and no one has contacted me through social media (which is available on this site).
Reach out.


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